Top Things to Do in Speedway, Indiana: Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

Speedway, Indiana is a town located within the urban sprawl of Indianapolis, this capital city of Indiana, but it remains its own independent township. Founded in 1926, Speedway was meant to be the “town of the future,” a haven for the burgeoning automobile to thrive; it’s only fitting that the town is the home of one of the biggest Indianapolis sports venues, a venue that focuses on the adrenaline rush of speed and the very invention that put Speedway on the map: the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Most things to do in Speedway are derived from this one main attraction, but that doesn’t stop its residents from getting out and having a good time.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway – This massive piece of Indianapolis history was opened in 1909 and has been whipping Indianapolis residents into a frenzy every year since then. Many races take place at the Brickyard each year, but two of the most famous are the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race and the Brickyard 400.
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum – One of the most complete and visited collections of motorsport and related memorabilia of motor sports in the world is at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum. Seventy five vehicles are on permanent display in the museum, including winning cars from past Indy 500 Races.
Brickyard Crossing – Voted one of the best 100 public golf courses in the United States by Golfweek and Golf Digest, Brickyard Crossing is a professional golf course that weaves in and out of the race track at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
Speedway Restaurants – Speedway has its own stable of delicious restaurants that offer variety of different cuisines to suit every palate. Though many Speedway restaurants are chains, like Grindstone Charley’s and MCL Restaurant and Bakery, several of them are also locally owned Speedway businesses.

Speedway residents live so close to Indianapolis that they might as well be a part of the Circle City. Because of this proximity, the whole wealth of Indianapolis things to do is open to residents of this “town of the future.” Downtown Indianapolis is only a short drive away, so if you’re visiting Speedway, you can still take in the Circle Centre Mall, Monument Circle, and other Indianapolis attractions. Visit one of the six Indianapolis cultural districts for a healthy dose of Indianapolis arts and Indianapolis entertainment, or stop by the Indianapolis Museum of Art to see some of the best works of the past century. Take in an Indianapolis Colts game at Lucas Oil Stadium or an Indiana Pacers game at Conseco Fieldhouse, experience the Indianapolis performing arts scene at an Indianapolis theater, or simply take a stroll along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail; there are so many things to do in Indianapolis, Speedway residents should never be bored.
Speedway, Indiana, a town located near the heart of Indianapolis, has a respected place in Indianapolis history. There are many things to do in Speedway, most of them revolving around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This Speedway attraction is the site of two huge Indianapolis events each year that draw millions of spectators in to this small community. Speedway also has a professional golf course, Brickyard Crossing, that is located right next to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Restaurants in the community span a variety of cuisines, styles, and atmospheres, from the casual elegance of Dawson’s Restaurant on Main to the Americana goodness of Grindstone Charley’s. And if Speedway restaurants ever tire of their town, Indianapolis is all around them. If you love racing, Speedway things to do are right up your alley.

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