Speedway Senior High School

Speedway Senior High School is located in Speedway, Indiana, only a few miles from the world-famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Speedway Senior High School, or SHS as it’s commonly referred to, houses grades 9-12 in a public high school. Speedway High School has no buses, and the students either walk or catch rides to school. The town prides itself on its mix of old-time charm and modern amenities.

Speedway High School is home to the Speedway Sparkplugs, the name given to their consistently well-performing football, volleyball and soccer teams. Men’s sports also include cross-country, tennis, wrestling, swimming, baseball, golf, and track and field. Overall, the school upholds the tradition of excellence in Indianapolis sports.

In addition to its strong sports teams, Speedway Senior High School has a full roster of challenging classes and an up-to-date curriculum. Subjects students have the opportunity to study are varied and well-rounded, and include the arts, business, family and consumer sciences, and industrial technology. Speedway High School has a very strong musical program as well. They pride themselves on a strong academic standing, and have recently made environmental awareness another of their main concerns. Students are encouraged to recycle, with bins set out all over the school for plastic, paper and glass.

In addition to its highly regarded approach to Indianapolis educationSpeedway Senior High School boasts one big claim to fame: its close proximity to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home of the biggest spectacle in racing and the biggest sporting event in Indy. The Indianapolis 500 Mile Race is held every May, and Speedway students and adults alike make a habit of celebrating the occasion. Several fun-filled events take place at the track during the month, including the Indianapolis 500 Festival Breakfast at the Brickyard. This special occasion sees the crowning of the 500 Festival Queen from the group of the 33 Indianapolis 500 Festival Princesses, who reign over all of the festivities surrounding the race.

Picnics and grills are a staple in the front yards of Speedway residents on Memorial Day Weekend, when the race is run each year. And due to its close location, residents of the town of Speedway can simply walk to the track on race day, bypassing the hassle of parking that other Indy citizens have to face.

Speedway High School students look forward to the spring all year round, and not only because of the Indy 500. In a time-honored tradition, high school students everywhere count down the days in May until the end of the month. At that time, no matter how much a student enjoys classes, it’s time to put the books away and enjoy the days of summer. Speedway, with its proximity to the race track, is a great place to spend the sunny afternoons.

Speedway Senior High School
5357 W 25th St
Speedway, IN 46224