Speedway, Indiana: A Self-Contained, Self-Maintained Society

Not incorporated officially until 1926, the town of Speedway, Indiana is still practically in its infancy. Home of the world-famous Indianapolis 500-mile race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway within its borders, the Speedway community built up as an organic outcome of the instant, phenomenal success of its raceway.

Like many others of the Indianapolis satellite cities that rotate around the Indiana state capital, such as Beech Grove and Carmel, Speedway is self-contained, self-maintained and self-governing. Speedway society tends to reflect a pride in the strong community, and a real dedication to perfecting the nuts and bolts of running such a vivacious and unique town.

It takes some special attention to run the one-of-a-kind Speedway community, which is flooded with racing fanatics on a regular basis. Not only does the Speedway society do a good job welcoming and providing for its hundreds of thousands of visitors, it also takes excellent care of its 12,000+ residents, from Speedway children to citizens in their golden years.

In the early 1800’s, Indiana’s “City for the horseless carriage” was designed with the motorcar in mind, with paved roads and car garages next to the homes. It’s obvious the city fathers were quite serious about making a grand environment for their families and their heirs.