Famous People of Speedway, Indiana

Other than the ultra-famous race car drivers who have whizzed in and out of Speedway, the list of famous people from Speedway is lamentably short, containing, at present, the name of only one resident, Joyce Anne DeWitt.

Admittedly, Ms DeWitt is no superstar, having made her name in the situation comedy called Three’s Company in the role of Janet Wood. Hers is, however, a well-known face among television celebrities. She appeared in several other television shows, including The Love Boat, Finder of Lost Loves, Baretta and With This Ring, and she had a part in the movie Airplane II: The Sequel.

Ms DeWitt is joined by any number of racing stars who found fame and fortune on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the principle Speedway attraction and its reason for being as a city in its own right, surrounded as it is by Indiana capital, Indianapolis.