Speedway Parks: Welcome Respites from Racing Madness

There is another side of Speedway apart from the racy dynamism with which the famous Indianapolis suburb is painted: the Speedway parks. All Hoosiers, like most people, love nature, and residents the racing capital of Indiana probably revere their precious green spaces more than most city folks. After all, they provide a necessary haven for the soul away from the incredible bustle that virtually overwhelms Speedway during the Indianapolis 500 mile race days, the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard, and any number of other Speedway events that center around the racetracks.

Two lovely Speedway parks reside in the city, Meadowood Park and Leonard Park. These luxurious areas include five separate pavilions available for rent  by the public.

Speedway Parks

Leonard Park

1450 N Lynhurst Dr
Speedway, IN 46224

Located just a few blocks west of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, this is a green oasis of about fourteen acres that house two baseball diamonds, two covered pavilions, two full tennis courts (lighted), one volleyball court, a playground, a covered sandbox and some nice walking trails. The pavilions in Leonard park, one large, one small, both have charcoal grills and power outlets.

Meadowood Park

5700 Meadowood Dr
Speedway, IN 46224

About sixteen acres of pleasant, relaxing green, Meadowood Park offers a soccer field, two covered pavilions and one gazebo-style pavilion, two baseball diamonds, walking trails and a playground for young children. The two pavilions in Meadowood park, one large, one small, both have charcoal grills and power outlets. The Ziegelmueller Pavilion is a gazebo which can also be rented by the day, and which also contains a large charcoal grill and power outlets.