Music Rocks in Speedway, Indiana

Video of the band “Duck and Run” performing live for the masses on Carb Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Speedway music events tend to revolve around local festivities having something to do with racing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The 500 Festival Carb Day, for example, is an all-day Speedway music fest for the fans who crowd the stands at the track to listen, drink beer, munch picnics and enjoy the company of like-minded race lovers.

For those who prefer a more formal approach to music, or are simply in the market for more variety, there’s a cornucopia of opportunities for enjoying live music in Indianapolis, capital of Indiana and Speedway‘s host city. Check the handy links at the bottom of this article.

Below is a list of some of the favorite venues for music in Speedway.

Speedway Music

Miller Lite Carb Day is the day when race car fans get together at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to listen to big-name national bands, drink beer, and generally party together before the big Indianapolis 500-mile race.
Kelly’s Pub Too is a favorite place to go in Speedway for Karaoke during the week and live music on Saturdays.
HeART of ART is a summer camp at Speedway’s Meadowood Park, which teaches Speedway children music,as well as the other arts.
The Speedway Senior High School has an excellent music program, with an award-winning marching band.
Winner’s Circle Lounge is one of the popular Speedway bars that provides Karaoke and other special Speedway events with music. Situated right next to the track on the southwest corner.

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