Speedway Media Is Up to Speed

When a town is home to a sports facility as world-famous as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, it tends to get a lot of attention from the local media, and Speedway media is definitely up to speed.

Greater Indianapolis media’s radio and television stations vie for first reporting blood, especially during the Indianapolis 500-mile race and the big Allstate 400 at the Brickyard. Likewise, Indianapolis newspapers such as the Indianapolis Star and NUVO do a professional job of covering the press-worthy events in Speedway, of which there are many.
The splashy nature of the news continuously generated in Speedway has produced a need for a local television station, the Daystar Television Network, WDTI-TV, with offices on the southeast edge of the Speedway Shopping Center. Daystar TV is a Christian network with headquarters outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas. Along with the support they provide for Speedway media and the Speedway society, Daystar also sponsors promising race car drivers, such as Blake Koch.

Though Speedway is only a small suburb, practically surrounded by its host city of Indianapolis, in Central Indiana, it manages to maintain a local newspaper all its own, the Speedway Town Press, with a respectable circulation hovering right around 6,000. The city of Brownsburg, just a few miles northwest of Speedway, puts out a paper called The West Side Messenger, which also runs continuous updates on the racy goings-on in Speedway.


Daystar Television Network
5610 Crawfordsville Rd
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Speedway Town Press
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Speedway, IN 46224
Fax: 317.241.4386