Speedway Schools: A Self-Contained System Creating Self-Sufficient Young People

Speedway schools have the education of young Speedway residents well in hand. Though the city is a next-door neighbor to Indianapolis, capital of Indiana, it nevertheless is quite self-contained. Speedway children are able to attend classes in public schools that dwell inside the borders of town.

Within the Speedway school district are four Elementary Schools that serve Kindergartners through sixth graders, one Junior High School serving grades seven through eight and the Speedway Senior High School for students in grades nine through twelve. Annual enrollment in the Speedway schools hovers around 1,500 students.

Below is a list of the public Speedway schools, with brief descriptions of each. If you’re interested in researching any of the nearby Indianapolis schools, or schools in Indiana’s other cities, take a look at the handy links below the list.

Speedway Schools

Allison Elementary – With a head count of about 250 students, this little neighborhood school is able to offer not only a quality education that challenges the kids, but also a child-centered approach that instills a friendly attitude toward school right from the start.Allison Elementary
5240 W 22nd St
Speedway, IN 46224
Fisher Elementary School– Dedication on the part of the staff and faculty translates into an infectious interest in learning for the students and a superior system of interfacing with their parents.Fisher Elementary School
5151 W 14th St
Speedway, IN 46224-6410
Newby Elementary School – The student community at this award-winning facility numbers only 200. Along with provide a well-rounded education, the staff and faculty focus on helping their students feel safe, self-sufficient and capable.Newby Elementary School
1849 N Whitcomb Av
Speedway, IN 46224
Speedway Junior High School – The goals are to reach the potential of all students, motivate and inspire them to life-long learning. In this small school, everybody knows everyone, which is an indisputable boon when it comes to education, caring and involvement.Speedway Junior High School
5151 W 14th St
Speedway, IN 46224
Speedway Senior High School – This excellent 9-12 grade high school receives consistently high marks compared to others across the United States.Speedway Senior High School
5357 W 25th St
Speedway, IN 46224
Wheeler Elementary School – Located just north of Crawfordsville Road behind Meadowood Park, Wheeler Elementary is an award-winning academy for Kindergarten through 6th graders. Enrollment is about 240 students.Wheeler Elementary School
5700 Meadowood Dr
Speedway, IN 46224

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