Business in Speedway: Rolling Along Nicely

Speedway, Indiana has proven itself to be an extremely viable planned community. The organization that went into planning the town before incorporation has paid off over the years, and continues to permeate the decision-making process of the powers that be. The Speedway business sector has benefited from this approach  as much as any. Businesses in Speedway run the gamut of services and sales necessary to keep a smallish Midwestern city ticking along smoothly.

The town’s proximity to big city Indianapolis, the unusually high number of visitors who pour in for the world-famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway auto races, and the town fathers’ good work and focus on business in general all combine to make Speedway a good destination bet for opening and maintaining a business.
The biggest business in Speedway, by far, is of course the auto racing the town was founded upon. The Indianapolis 500-mile race and the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard attract millions of people to the city, and where there are crowds, there must necessarily be businesses to take care of them.

Throughout the recent economic crisis, Indiana and especially the Indianapolis area, has maintained a low unemployment rate compared to the rest of the United States. This bodes well for those investigating the Speedway business community for job possibilities. Layoffs are indeed happening in Speedway, Indy and everywhere else in the nation, but if you live in Speedway and can’t find a job, you can always try a short commute to the Circle City. In short, employment prospects for Speedway residents are better than most other regions in the country.

This means that if you want a job where you don’t have to wear a paper hat, you can find one with a commute of about twenty minutes or less. Since the cost of living in the greater Indianapolis area is much lower than most other states, that makes living, working and running a business in Speedway a practical choice.

The Speedway Chamber of Commerce is an active organization comprised of local business people who come together on a regular basis to tend to the many aspects of doing business in Speedway. The Chamber of Commerce hosts monthly meetings around either breakfasts or lunches where members can network, exchange ideas and generally either get things done or start them in motion.

The Chamber also hosts other gatherings and special events, such as golf tournaments, parades, fund-raisers and Days at the Track.

Speedway Chamber of Commerce
1255 N Main St
Speedway, IN 46224

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