The Legendary Attractions of Speedway, Indiana

Speedway attractions are nothing short of legendary, starting with the world-famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The west Indianapolis suburb of Speedway attracts over a million visitors to its corner of the world yearly. Naturally, this kind of attention has spawned many other Speedway attractions, even though the majority of the great Indianapolis attractions are only a few miles away.

The Circle City is, in fact, fortunate to house the small but mighty city of Speedway. Its presence and the indisputable, ongoing popularity of its auto races continue to positively affect not only Indianapolis but the entire state of Indiana, the United States and even the entire world.

Below is a list of the main Speedway attractions, with short descriptions of each. For more details, including photos, just click the top link for the attraction that interests you.

Speedway attractions

Allstate 400 at the Brickyard
This Indianapolis event is NASCAR’s most popular auto racing extravaganza, drawing some 250,000 guests every year. The “Brickyard” refers to the original brick paving the track sported in its infancy.
Brickyard Crossing Golf Course
Also known as “the course of champions, this golfing facility at the racing capital has been around almost as long as the Indianapolis 500 itself. The Brickyard Crossing is widely considered one of the top public golf courses in the United States, and also functioned for decades as a top resort and hotel in Speedway.
Trophy in the Indianapolis Hall of Fame Museum in Speedway, Indiana Hall of Fame Museum
This well-known greater Indianapolis museum, on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway grounds, is given over to the celebration of the race car. With almost 100,000 square feet of space, the Hall of Fame Museum amply provides displays and tours for an estimated quarter of a million visitors per year.
Indianapolis 500-Mile Race
The main event among Speedway attractions, this racing competition takes over the town and most of nearby Indy every Memorial Day weekend. Many other now-famous Speedway events grew up around the “Indy 500,” including the huge Indianapolis 500 Festival, the Indianapolis 500 Festival Parade, (an event in its own right), the Indianapolis 500 Festival Breakfast at the Brickyard, the festive yearly Snakepit Ball, the Indianapolis 500 Mini-Marathon, (the largest U.S. half-marathon) and the Indianapolis 500 Festival Carb Day, a party par excellence forum for Indianapolis bands, Indianapolis sports enthusiasts of all kinds and Speedway society in general.
Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Celebrating one hundred speedy years in 2010, this phenomenal facility seats 857,000 people, and is therefore the largest-capacity sports arena in the world.

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