Art in Speedway Is More About Moving Fast than Painting

The arts in Speedway are not neglected, even though the major attraction to the town is Speedway sports, in the form of famous auto racing such as the Indianapolis 500-mile race every May. Speedway, a suburb on the west edge of Indiana state capital, Indianapolis, attracts well over one million visitors every year to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, located inside the suburb’s borders.

The Speedway society benefits from this influx on many levels, but Speedway arts, per se, are not visibly among them. This is not at all a problem, however, for local art lovers. The nearby art giants such as the Indianapolis Art Center or all the excellent Indianapolis art galleries in downtown Indianapolis are so close they could be considered part of Speedway.
These and the great Indianapolis art museums such as the Eiteljorg Museum and the Indianapolis Museum of Art are right in Speedway’s backyard, within a drive of about twenty minutes.

Because Indianapolis art is happening only a few miles away, nobody worries much about the arts in Speedway, and Speedway art lovers have no reason to feel left out. In fact, they are some of the luckiest art lovers in the United States, with more venues to enjoy the arts than the vast majority of cities their size.
Numerous art classes in Indianapolis are available next door, too. Many of them, such as the Herron School of Art, are highly esteemed and turn out well-educated graduates who later become professionals in the arts.

“Art” is a broad category that usually includes the live arts, as well as fine arts of all kinds. Art festivals and all the excellent greater Indianapolis performing arts organizations are strong and steady influences on the creative sector of Hoosier society.

Of great interest to the sports enthusiasts who visit or reside in Speedway is the National Art Museum of Sport, also in the Indianapolis downtown sector, just a few miles to the east. Everything from portraits to sculptures are gathered in this excellent Indianapolis museum, and every work pertains to sports, sports stars and the general excitement that surrounds all sports, whether they are carried out by teams or an individual in a car.




Doing Indy video episode about  the Stutz Art Fair, held just a few miles from Speedway in downtown Indianapolis.

Searching for art in Speedway, or close by? You only have to crane your neck a bit. And do consider visiting the major Indianapolis attractions if you end up in downtown Indy, which you almost certainly will.

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